Our Services

Our Services

SDSmena Sustainable Development Solutions for the Middle East & North Africa

Environmental & Social Consultancy

The core of our business model is to offer our business partners integrated sustainable solutions throughout all stages of a project’s life cycle. Our goal is to support our business partners in minimizing their liabilities while significantly improving their environmental and social (E&S) performance

Energy & Renewables Consultancy

The core of our business is to offer our customers and business partners integrated sustainable solutions and consultancy throughout the stages of Energy project’s life cycle. Through our team of expertise we provide customized strategies for enterprises that aim at minimizing their climate’ impact while significantly optimizing their energy efficiency and impact

Economic and Financial Consultancy

In the world we live in today, making sense of the overflow of information and data available in the public domain has become a challenging task. The need to decipher the implications of social, economic, political, agricultural, and natural events and policy actions over different time frames to the economy

Organizational Development Consultancy

Organizational Development is the process of improving organizations through building its capacity to change, achieve greater effectiveness and adapt to the fast changing external environment of new markets, regulations and technologies.


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