SDSmena attending in Germany “Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue” in March 2017

  • March 14, 2017

SDSmena attending in Germany “Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue” in March 2017

What is the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue?

Every spring the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue brings together key international decision makers in foreign energy and energy policy, industry, science and civil society as well as foremost energy experts from all over the world. They discuss the latest energy developments, innovative political instruments, new investment opportunities and future business propositions deriving from the ongoing transformation of the global energy sector. The conference will be hosted by the German Federal Government in cooperation with the Renewable Energy Federation (BEE), the German Solar Association (BSW-Solar), the German Energy Agency (dena), and eclareon.

In addition to the two-day conference programme, participants were able to personally experience the Energiewende by joining the official side events and study tours on offer throughout the entire week of 20 – 24 March 2017.

What topics will be discussed?

In 2016, global investments in renewable energy sources exceeded investments in all fossil and nuclear technologies combined. Many countries have significantly increased their energy efficiency and started to digitize their energy sector. This marks the start of a fundamental structural change towards an affordable, secure and ecologically friendly energy system based on innovation. To reach the targets of the Paris Agreement and the UN sustainable development goals of Agenda 2030, a boost of coordination on energy issues, enhanced energy foreign policy and international cooperation as well as mutual learning is required.

This year’s conference focused on:

    • How to successfully align the energy system with the targets of the Paris Climate Agreement and the UN development goals of Agenda 2030 in a cost efficient way
    • How to set the right framework to trigger the necessary investments into energy efficiency and renewable energy in due time.

Who was participating in the conference?

The Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue has proven to be an ideal platform for an international public and private audience to come together to discuss viable concepts for the ongoing transformation of the energy sector – the Energiewende. Over the course of two days, approximately 2.000 high-level participants from 93 countries and more than 50 official state delegations with over 30 energy / foreign affairs and other relevant ministers will took the opportunity to connect and develop solutions for the “Global Energiewende”.

The event provided plenty of networking opportunities, not least through B2B and B2G dialogues and an evening reception. Thanks to innovative communication tools and social media connection, the discussion was livelier than ever.

You can the dialogue! We are looking forward to your valuable input. @greensofa_betd on Twitter, Hashtag: #betd2018

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