Organizational Development is the process of improving organizations through building its capacity to change, achieve greater effectiveness and adapt to the fast changing external environment of new markets, regulations and technologies.

Drawing on years of experience working with the greatest diversity of companies, organizations and industries, our team of HRCI and SHRM accredited professionals will craft a customized Organizational Development plan of services to meet each client’s unique needs.

We partner with their leaders to define their vision and map out their future success. We work with their business teams to add inspiration and purpose for every individual, everyday – and when we do these things, we build stronger companies.

Our Organizational Development services in this area include, but are not limited to:

  • Process Mapping and identifying redundancies and loopholes.
  • Organizational Structure Review.
  • Creating and updating Roles and Job Descriptions.
  • Redesigning policies and procedures.
  • Grading and Compensation Review.
  • Designing competency model in which various HR systems of recruitment, performance, training & development and succession planning will be developed.
  • Train HR Staff and build their capacity of the customer’s HR staff to enable them to run the customised system(s) in a sustainable manner.