In the world we live in today, making sense of the overflow of information and data available in the public domain has become a challenging task. The need to decipher the implications of social, economic, political, agricultural, and natural events and policy actions over different time frames to the economy, different sectors, and companies even, is growing exponentially, as the world becomes more connected.  

The Economic Consultancy and Financial Advisory Services (ECFAS) department offers top notch economic advisory services on national and regional levels, consulting services in financial analysis, news and data analysis and short-to-medium term project work on issues of an economic nature.

Economic and Financial reports produced by the department are tailored to the client’s needs, incorporating a 360- approach of data analysis, interviews and empirical information to give clients a comprehensive picture. Decision making will be easier knowing the information provided is from direct sources, is accurate, up to date and market based.

As part of our Economics and Financial Consultancy Services, clients can receive tailored products to suit their need to make timely, well researched decisions, starting from alerts on economic and financial news and their implications, to research reports on various topics within the vast realm of economic policy.

As Egypt goes through the transformation of an open economy with a flexible exchange rate regime, an overhaul of economic policies and regulations and deep fiscal restructuring, the scene for corporate is changing, opening the door to endless opportunities. Capitalizing on these opportunities, SDSmena offers corporate financial consulting services including financial needs assessments, asset and company valuation, capital raising, financial engineering and basic investor relations services, among others.

In SDSmena we also build on our experience and broad base of contacts to guide clients when interacting with various government entities to engage the right decision makers and build strong synergies between the government and private sector.

An economic media advisory service is a contemporary service in Egypt, where knowing what to say and how to say it can create vast opportunities for any entity in the digital age, in a cost-efficient manner.  

At SDSmena we pride ourselves on adopting creative approaches to ensure each client’s needs are met by our qualified experts taking research to a new level of credibility and ingenuity.